What does a LIAR do when he is DEAD? – The Solution To The Riddler’s Riddle in The Batman

What does a LIAR do when he is DEAD

Even though we first had our doubts about Robert Pattinson’s incarnation of Batman, The trailer for The Batman left us really excited about the upcoming movie. If you’ve seen the trailer, you might remember about a card left by the Riddler on the crime scene where Gotham’s mayor, Don Mitchel, got killed. The riddle was: “What does a LIAR do when he is DEAD?” Below the question, there was a simple set of characters that were fairly easy to decode using a simple alphabetic substitution cipher.

The Batman

The answer to the riddle “What does a LIAR do when he is DEAD” is “He lies still.” As you’ll notice in the picture above, several characters repeat themselves (E, I, and S twice, and L three times), making the solution much more easier to find. Now that all these characters are known, riddles in future marketing material for the movie will be easier to find, and you can bet that there will be many more to come!

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