Sorting Marshmallows with AI: Using Coral and Teachable Machine

Maybe it’s just me, but I figured that in 2020, we would be closer to the Jetsons than we actually are today. (For you curious ones, The Jetsons is set in 2062, a mere 42 years away)

Well these guys took a step towards the automative uselessness featured in our favorite futuristic Hannah Barbara cartoon with this cereal sorting machine. Where was this machine when I was 8, filtering my hearts, stars and horseshoes! It would have been magically faster while watching my Saturday morning shows.

Gautam Bose and Lucas Ochoa, creative technologists at Google Creative Lab, show you how you can build your own machine able to classify and sort objects, using Coral and Teachable Machine
Their explanations on the Teachable Machine website is actually quite detailed and easy to follow, if you own the right equipment at home.

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