The Official Prom Dress of 2020 – When Duck Tape Meets Covid-19 [Gallery]

Most proms have been canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the unfortunate event did not stop Peyton Manker from finishing her Covid-themed prom dress!

So, the COVID-themed duct tape prom dress features a number of details that reference all the things that happened during the lockdown. This includes imagery of zoom classes and online graduations, people in masks and those sneezing, people running away from the coronavirus, a call to flatten the curve, and also an image honoring essential and front-line workers.

Besides the predominantly blue and gold gown, Peyton also crafted a duct tape mask, a coronavirus shaped purse, and a number of smaller accessories like a hair clip and a wristband, all adorned with viral imagery.

[Picture source: Suzy Smith Manker | Via Bored Panda]

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