I Love You Massive New Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset!

We all know it, The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie, and the carbon-freezing scene is perhaps the most memorable of the whole saga. Now, thanks to this new carbon-freezing chamber playset, you can finally recreate the scene where Han gets frozen in Carbonite! Includes a frozen Han Solo accessory and a Stormtrooper figure!

This playset is decades in the making! Star Wars The Vintage Collection Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset with carded Stormtrooper Action Figure includes Han Solo Carbonite Chamber. Buy two and merge them to create an even bigger playset.

In Cloud City, Darth Vader decided to freeze Luke Skywalker in carbonite for transport to the Emperor. Before setting his trap for Luke, Vader tested the process on Han Solo! Dig out your old action figures and recreate one of the most memorable scenes of the classic Star Wars trilogy. Highly poseable with realistic detail, the included Stormtrooper figure can be displayed in action figure and vehicle collections.

[Star Wars The Vintage Collection Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset with Stormtrooper Action Figure]

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