Like City-Building Games? PAY WHAT YOU WANT for the CITIES: SKYLINES BUNDLE + Support Charity!

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If you are into city-building games such as Simcity, here’s an amazing deal you won’t want to miss! The folks at Humble Bundle currently have the Humble “Cities: Skyline” bundle where they are offering Cities: Skyline at a ridiculously low price: Just $1. And for just a little more, you’ll get all the game’s extensions such as the “mass transit” pack, the “campus” pack, and many, many more! A total value of US$137 for a fraction of the price!

Construct the metropolis of your dreams! Start with Cities: Skylines and enhance your experience with additional content including the Mass Transit, Industries, and Natural Disasters expansions, plus more!

Cities: Skyline is considered by many to be a much better city-building game than SimCity itself!

And as usual with Humble Bundles, you’ll choose where your money goes between the developers, and, if you’d like, a charity of your choice!


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