Start Writing With The Digital Creative Fiction Writing 4-Course Certification Bundle (97% Off)

Rekindle your love of literature with 128 hours of written-based content on children, young adult and fiction writing with the “Digital Creative Fiction Writing Certification Bundle.” Just $29.99 instead of the suggested MSRP of $1196.99.

Here’s a description of the “Write Fiction” course:

The Write Fiction Course offers budding authors the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade with this online course. Aspiring writers can discover the secrets of fiction writing through 14 interactive online modules that encourage them to start work on their novel from the very beginning. The course is designed to help clients master several key facets of fiction, such as character, plot, setting, and dialogue as well as narrative voice and genre. In addition to this, customers can also gain industry knowledge on how to negotiate with agents and publishers.

The Digital Creative Fiction Writing 4-Course Certification Bundle$1196.99 $29.99 (97% Off)

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