Trapped Inside and Bored? Chaosium is Offering “Call of Cthulhu The Coloring Book” for FREE!

Wether you’re trapped inside because you are currently quarantined or just practicing social distancing, a lot of you are probably really bored right now. To combat said boredom, the folks over at Chaosium has just started offering their award-winning Call of Cthulhu coloring book for FREE via download (PDF).

The company has also announced they are holding a coloring competition for the occasion. Interested in participating? Just share your chef-d’oeuvres on social media with the hashtag #homewithchaosium and Chaosium will not only reshare it, they’ll also going to give prizes to their favorite entries.

We’ll show off your works on our channels and pick out 3 winners on 31 March, 2020. Each winner will receive a bespoke printed Chaosium Redbubble Art Board of their work, compliments of Chaosium.

So get coloring! – just remember to stay between the [non-Euclidean] lines…

Note: these art boards will be one-off creations and not made available for sale. If your colouring work is not digital artwork, you can still win, we will instead send you an Art Board from Call of Cthulhu the Coloring Book of your choice featuring artist Andrey Fetisov’s own coloring.

Images source: Chaosium.

[Call of Cthulhu Coloring Book (PDF) | Chaosium | Via BoingBoing]

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