Enlarge Your Small JPGs Without Losing Quality

When working online, we often stumble on pictures that are too small to use, and when we enlarge them, we lose too much quality, making them blury or pixelated in the process.

Now, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, we can now enlarge those pics without losing as much quality compared to the enlarge feature of most traditional photo editors, including photoshop, IrfanView, and many others.

Introducing ImgLarger, a service that will not enlarge your, *ahem*, attributes in real life, but will do wonders with your small pictures! Here’s an old photo I took at Montreal Comiccon that I deliberately scaled down.

Now, here’s the photo enlarged via Photoshop:

The photo enlarged via ImgLarger:

And here it is, side by side with the original:

It’s not perfect, but it’s much better! All you have to do to use the service is to create a free account, which will give you a limited number of uses, but if you only use it occasionally, it should be enough for most people!

[ImgLarger | Via Korben]