Put Down That Tracking Fob: The 3D Baby Yoda Pop-Up Card is Here!

The most adorable pop-up card we’ve ever seen is here! Love Pop has just released a pop-up card that’s good for pretty much any occassion featuring “The Child” peaking from the rim of its floating craddle! Once opened, a 3D version of Baby Yoda rises up from inside the card!

Put down that tracking fob — the most prized bounty in the galaxy is right here! The shimmery blue cover of this pop-up card features the adorable, “Baby Yoda-like” creature nestled in his floating cradle, with the words “For you” scribed underneath. Inside The Force™ is strong with this little one, who pops up against the desert-scape of Arvala-7. In the background idles the Mandalorian’s trusty ship, the Razor Crest, while The Child’s favorite snack hops along in the foreground.

[Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 3D card]

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