Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – The Adventure Game is Finally Available!

Last year, we posted about how River Horse was working on a Labyrinth adventure game based on Jim Henson’s amazing movie, and now, a year later, the game is finally available for purchase! The game is a full-length adventure featuring over 100 scenes that can be played by both expert role players as well as by fans who’ve never tried their hand at playing a role-playing game.

In this hardback book (Approx. 280+ full-color pages) you will find:

  • A full-length adventure with over 100 varied scenes
  • Full rules for creating characters and adventuring in the labyrinth
  • Two custom dice included INSIDE the book!
  • Written by renowned RPG writer Ben Milton, with guest scenes by Alessio Cavatore, Jack Caesar, Patrick Stuart, & Matt Ward
  • Amazing Artwork by Ralph Horsley, Johnny Fraser-Allen & Brian Froud!
  • Tools and tables for creating your own adventures within the Labyrinth
  • Three colored ribbon markers for tracking progress through the adventure
  • Full-color bookmark with rules references and tips
  • High-quality cloth cover, the perfect addition to any collector’s bookshelf

[Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – The Adventure Game]

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