Disney’s Artemis Fowl Gets its Disappointing First Full Trailer [Video]

This morning, I jumped for joy when I saw that Disney finally released its first full Artemis Fowl trailer. In the first book of Eoin Colfer’s incredible serie, Artemis Fowl, 12-year-old criminal mastermind, discovers the Fairy People. He then kidnaps fairy Holly Short and demands ransom to restore his family’s fortune in an effort to save his father from the Russian Mafia. This short villain slowly becomes a better human, to finally become the hero of the book. Within the next novels, Artemis is looking for redemption towards the Fairy folk because of his actions in the first tome.

Watch the trailer below and try to guess what’s wrong with Disney’s adapation. For those of you who’ve read the book, we apologize in advance.

Although visually, every aspect of the legendary serie seems to be there, once again Disney seems to have missed the mark with following the story…

Did the writers even read the books? According to the trailer, key elements of the story seem to have been completely modified.

Of course, we will go see it in hopes that the whole story hasn’t been completely butchered…

[Walt Disney Studios]

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