Love Potion Cocktail: A D&D Themed Drink for Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s day! Here’s a D&D themed drink inspired by the game’s Philter of Love. What you’ll need (serves two):

➞ Peach Schnapps (1.0oz)
➞ Apricot Brandy (1.0oz)
➞ Triple Sec (1.0oz)
➞ Prosecco (1.0oz)
➞ Pomegranate Juice (1.0oz)
➞ Rose Liqueur (1.5oz)
➞ Red Wine (4.0oz)
➞ Strawberries, Rose Petals, and/or Ice

*NOTE: If you prefer a less fragrant Philter of Love, use 1.0oz of Rose Liqueur instead!

[Hendo Art]