This is the Way: Mandalorian Season #2 Gets an Awesome Concept Trailer [Video]

Sure, the second season of The Mandalorian won’t be here until October, 2020, but it did not stop MaxeBaumannFilms2013 from creating a concept trailer for the show!

Welcome to a different Kind of Concept Trailers. This one dont just reused film material like other Concept Trailers. I worked dozens of hours a day for 3 weeks, adding some special visual effects and changing the backgrounds to give it a total new environment and atmosphere. Unfortunately, I lost the whole edits and project after a PC and hard drive breaking. It was hard to get my motivation back but I did it. I never gave up and my care for the project and my fans made me to jump back and start the whole project again. The result was even better than before. Thats a good lesson that life can give you: “Make One Step Backwards To Make Two Steps Ahead”. Thats why I would really appreciate your huge support on this video. Share it wherever you can, and go prank your most innocent friends with this Trailer!