How-To: D&D Glowing Potion of Clairvoyance Prop

From Hendo Art:

This tutorial is for How To make a glowing Potion of Clairvoyance prop from D&D! At 0:48 I’ll walk through how the potion works in Dungeons and Dragons and the lore behind ingredients, and at 2:58 I’ll get down to building the actual prop!

Prop Materials:
➞ Bottle or Decanter
➞ Hair Gel (1-3 bottles)
➞ Food Coloring
➞ String, Gems, Stickers
➞ Gift Tag
➞ Resin mold / Measuring Spoon / Something Half-domed
➞ Printed iris
➞ Epoxy Glue
➞ FIMO Baked Clay / Model Magic / White Clay or Foam
➞ Super Glue
➞ Push Light

[Hendo Art]

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