Confused About How Time Passed in The Witcher? This Handy Timeline Will Fix That!

If, like us, you were a little confused by how time passed in the witcher and with which scene happened when, here is a handy timeline to help you understand it all. Be sure to click on the picture for a larger version!

The Witcher has received a lot of adulation recently. According to Business Insider, The Witcher is now the most popular show in the world—even unseating The Mandalorian from Disney Plus. Of course, because Netflix has released the entire first season, many fans are already on their second or third viewing. We certainly have seen it many times. The show covers three narratives. Yennefer’s story covers over eighty years, Geralt’s over thirty, and Ciri’s only two weeks! That said, every event leads toward the season’s final outcome—Geralt and Ciri meeting.

The Witcher TV Show Timeline

Click on Picture to Enlarge!

Edit: And here’s the official timeline from Netflix:

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[Source: @witchertvsite]

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