What Portals Were Originally Made For [Comic]

[Source: Omaketheater]

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    • They very well could be tied together and it would still look like 2 knots. Perception would make it look like more because we think in 3d and nothing more most of the time.

    • I was just trying to be an ass. (but it seemed to me that both knots were inside the room and not on the edge…) Loved the concept anyway.

  1. What about the edges of the portals? Wouldn't they like be infinitely thin and just cut through the fabric of the hammock?

    • Just make it so that one portal is upside-down with relation to the other one. Then, from your point of view, the hammock is pulled "up" on both ends, with exactly the same force as it is pulled "down" in "your" room.

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