Truebill App is Helping Users Budget Ahead and Even Negotiate Lower Bills

Being an adult has its perks, but paying bills is definitely not one of them. Due dates get missed. Interest rates pile up. The more credit lines and subscriptions you open, the more you can become resigned to the idea that things won’t get better. It’s why a lot of people don’t even bother setting up a budget. Seeing all those big numbers gathered in one place is depressing, lets face it.

There’s at least one budgeting app that’s very different, though, and we hope more follow suit. Truebill is a personal finance manager that doesn’t just tell you how much you owe and when – it can actually lower those bills.

There’s a couple big perks for Truebill users, and they both involve those pesky subscriptions that chip away at your income. The app lets you see at a glance exactly who you’re paying each month with those automatic payments. This lets you spot – and cancel – that “hat of the month” club you joined back when the free trial period seemed like a good idea.

And for the services you keep? Truebill can flag rates that might be too high and can negotiate better terms for you. And while precise algorithms will spot the rates, it’s actual trained negotiators that will do the haggling.

From there, streamlining the rest of your finances is easy. The interface lets you view your bills alphabetically, by due date or by the card you pay with. Want to set a savings goal? Truebill can deduct and set aside a certain amount each pay period.

The app is free and definitely worth checking out. Finances really do take their toll in time as well as money, and Truebill does a good job at saving you both.

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