Save BIG on These Voice Reactive “Dancing” LED Glowing Data Cables

These voice reactive LED glowing data cables are equipped with an intelligent voice control chip, enabling them to dance to the beat while connected to your devices! Available in Micro-USB and USB-C formats, both at $16.99 for a 2-pack instead of $29.99 via the Geeks are Sexy store.

There will be a beautiful shining light flowing along this Voice Reactive LED Glowing Data Cable when plugging it in and charging your device while you’re playing music. It features intelligent voice control thanks to its built-in voice-activated chip. It captures music rhythm sensitively and controls the light flashing. It also stays unlit and doesn’t flash in a quiet environment. Amazing quality with the newest flexible and durable LED cable and is long enough to use it conveniently anywhere.

Voice Reactive Micro-USB LED Glowing Data Cables: 2-Pack$29.99 $16.99
Voice Reactive USB-C LED Glowing Data Cables: 2-Pack$29.99 $16.99

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