40 Infamous Villain Hideouts Compared [Infographic]


40 infamous villain hideouts compared, from the smallest (top left) to the largest (bottom right.)

If you’re reading this from the front page, I’ve included the actual measurement right after the jump.

Edit: It looks like some of these measurements do not make sense, sorry about that!

The Chum Bucket: 3.75 ft. tall.
Buffalo Bill’s House: 35 ft. wide.
Sid’s House (Toy Story): 35 ft. wide.
Los Pollos Hermanos (Gus Fring): 40 ft. wide.
Discovery One (Hal 9000): 56 ft. wide.
Candyland: 65 ft. wide.
Ursula’s Grotto: 65 ft. wide.
Snowy Lair of Jadis (Narnia): 98 ft. wide.
Secret Lab (Yzma): 100+ feet tall.
Bates Motel: 154 ft. wide.
Dracula’s Castle: 125 ft. tall.
The Jolly Roger (Captain Hook): 145 ft. long.
Burns Manor (Mr. Burns): 150 ft. wide.
Duloc Castle: 150 ft. tall.
Jabba’s Palace: 154 ft. wide
The Flying Dutchman (Davy Jones): 170 ft. long.
Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane: 173 ft. high.
Malfoy Manor (Voldemort and the Death Eaters): 280 ft. wide.
The Green Goblin’s Mansion: 300 ft. tall.
Volcano Lair (Blofeld): 300 ft. wide.
The Floating Cocoon (The Monarch): 315 ft. tall.
The Riddler’s Base: 345 ft. tall.
Forbidden Mountain (Maleficent): 350 ft. tall.
Temple of Gozer: 450 ft. tall.
Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. (Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz): 487 ft. tall.
Salazen Grum (The Red Queen): 1736 ft. tall.
Mojo Jojo’s Observatory: 1800 ft. tall.
Mt. Crumpit (The Grinch): 3000 ft. tall.
The Technodrome (Krang – TMNT): 3550 ft. circumference.
Dr. Evil’s Lair: 3500 ft. tall.
Barad-dûr (Sauron): 4593 ft. tall.
Isengard (Saruman): 5280 ft. wide.
Nemesis (Decepticons): 7920 ft. wide.
Lonely Mountain (Smaug): 9842 ft. wide.
Borg Cube (The Borgs):9964 ft. wide.
Nomanisan Island (Incredibles): 47289 ft. wide.
Crucible (Daleks): 524,934 ft. diameter.
Death Star I (Darth Vader): 524,934 ft. diameter.
Spaceballs One (Mega Maid): 524,934 ft. tall.

[Source: Movoto]

5 Responses to 40 Infamous Villain Hideouts Compared [Infographic]

  1. how the hell is Isengard taller than Barad-dur?
    this is from Lord of the Rings: The two towers in description of Isengard.
    “what he made was naught, only a little copy, a child’s model or a slave’s flattery, of that vast fortress, armoury, prison, furnace of great power, Barad-dûr, the Dark Tower, which suffered no rival, and laughed at flattery, biding its time, secure in its pride and its immeasurable strength.”

  2. This is rubbish – many of these are just nonsense. Discovery One, 56ft? Seriously? Discovery One is decribed in 2001 as being 460ft long. Isengard’s tower (Orthanc) is only 500ft tall, not over 5000! For the recent movie, Barad-dûr was made to a scale that would suggest it being *over* 5000ft (not under, as this list has). Also, the Dalek Crucible is listed as “524,934 ft. wide”, but listed before the Death Star’s “524,934 ft. circumference” – this would make the Death Star only about 167,176 ft wide. With regards to those two sizes: the Death Star is described as a ‘small moon’, which makes sense given that it is significantly smaller than even our own moon (160 km diameter, compared to 3476 km diameter); the Crucible, on the other hand, is described as ‘planet sized’. Given that Mercury, our smallest planet, is 4880 km in diameter (16,010,498.7 ft wide, to follow this list’s schema), it would seem that whoever made this “info”-graphic should have done a little more research – like maybe a Google search or two.

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