Side Pocket: 100% Wireless Charging Travel Fanny Pack

Side pocket takes two awesome ideas, and combine them into one game-changing smart fanny pack that can wirelessly charge your phone while you’re on the go!

We’re Ampere. Wireless Charging is our thing. Making things that are portable and versatile is also our thing. So we made Side Pocket. The first fanny pack in the world, that wirelessly charges your devices. But we didn’t just stop there, both the bag and its integrated wireless power bank come fully loaded with 30+ features.

As I’m writing this, the Side Pocket kickstarter has raised over $173,000 on an initial funding goal of $15,000, with 9 days remaining to the campaign. Estimated shipping date: December 2019.

[Side Pocket: 100% Wireless Charging Travel Fanny Pack]

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