Two Couch Potatoes Drive to a Mcdonald’s on a Fan-Powered Sofa [Video]

From Collin Randle:

This here is a Mexican-American Made, piece of machinery! My friend Beanz, my brother Chad (@chadorandle on insta) and I manufactured this beauty. Many names have been thrown around, although in the streets of Holladay, UT shes known as “The elusive swamp couch”. We Purchased everything but the paramotor with recycled metal, which Beanz had on a job site. The total amount was $60 in recycled metal. Two harbor freight fixed caster wheels = $8.99 apiece. One Kids bike from a local thrift shop = $5.99. A couch from KSL, if you know, you know. A sweet old lady named Lorraine needed it gone = $0.00 Along with all that we had a dream, a team and our parent’s garage… better known as santas workshop.

Grand total $23.97, which shot up to $50.94 after we blew three rear tires. The remainder was spent on ice cream for the boys.

[Via Geekologie]