Drama on the Tarmac

A utility cart got away from its driver at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Monday. It careened around in circles while American Airlines ramp workers calculated the odds of jumping on it. But those circles got closer and closer to the airplane, and could cause major damage. Dr. Kevin Klauer recorded the mayhem from the terminal.

“Everyone was actually really quietly watching this unfold,” Klauer said. “When it ended, the whole gatehouse erupted in applause.”

American Airlines said in a statement that preliminary reports showed the cart’s accelerator got stuck and caused the cart to lose control.

“No American Airlines team members were injured and the incident resulted in one 10-minute flight delay,” American Airlines said in a statement. “We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle.”

While the plane was unharmed, it appears that the drinks for the flight were a total loss. The remix with music is below, although “Yakety Sax” would have been more appropriate. Read the whole story at CNN.

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