Performing The Star Trek Theme on The World’s First Tesla Coil Theremin

Please note that the Star Trek heme starts plying at 1:17.

From BD594:

I wanted to build a Tesla Coil Theremin utilizing a oneTesla TS, X-40 Laser rangefinder and a Arduino Nano V3 micro controller. There are some MIDI controllers on the market that use Ultrasonic and Time of Flight sensors however they are very limited to distance and have a wide field of view. The x-40 laser rangefinder solves both problems. Also there are some ridiculously over priced Laser Rangefinders that are combatible with Arduino for hundreds of dollars. Don’t waste your money and purchase a X-40 Laser rangefinder for $12 however you will be required to download and update the firmware. LLia Sam has developed firmware for the X-40 Laser Rangefinder which can send distance data 60 times a second via a serial link. I was able to test at 20 feet with no issues.

My schematic and Arduino code can be found here.