Original Stormtrooper Space Craft Beers: No Wonder They Can’t Shoot Straight

Did you know that Stormtroopers also work at making craft beer? Inspired by the iconic armor of the empire’s main ground troops and brewed at St Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk, UK, these Stormtrooper craft beers feature gorgeous bottle art, and apparently, they’re also highly drinkable! Oh, and even thought they come from the UK, they also ship internationally!

Too hipster for lousy cantina ale, the Original Stormtroopers have banded together to create their very own beers. Choose between the hoppy, citrus infused Galactic Pale Ale or Lightspeed Pilsner, a classic lager with a twist of grass alongside subtle malt undertones. Almost as difficult a choice as which side of the force to join.

Being part of an evil dictatorship army is thirsty work, so it was only fair these white-helmeted sharp-shooters have access to the finest brews in the galaxy. What a fantastic incentive to blast even more rebels: an ice cold bottle of the perfect pale ale or pilsner at the end of it all.

[Original Stormtrooper Craft Beers]

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