Sewer Party: A Funny IT Chapter 2 Rap [Video]

Warning: You’ll be stuck with this song in your head all day.

From Bonecage:

This is the single greatest IT Chapter 2 rap song about clowns and poop that has ever been made. Huge thanks to JT Music, Daddyphatsnaps, and Dan Bull for helping me create a song that, as Dan put it, “Should not exist”. :P

When I asked Bonecage what was the relation between IT: Chapter 2 and poop juice, this is what he replied back:

This thing just popped into my head and I somehow convinced crazy talented people to do it with me. Just though it would be hilarious for a bunch of people wanting to hear an IT 2 song to be confronted with a lot of poop lyrics.

I’m a child.

Yep, makes total sense! :)


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