Unleash the Swordsman in You With These Sword-Shaped Keys, Bottle Openers, and Flash Drives!


The folks from The Key Armory base themselves on sword designs from pop culture to create keys, flash drives, tie clips, and bottle openers shaped like your favorite fantasy weapon!

The Key Armory was created by a couple of nerds who just wanted to create something fun! As kids, we were changed by the stories we played and watched on the big screen! We were inspired by heroes who wielded powerful swords, and strived to be more like them! As adults, we wanted to remember our roots on a daily basis, and our minds turned to keys – something simple that we used literally every day. And The Key Armory was born!

Our designs were all created with an extreme amount of detail and care. Each sword is based loosely on a sword from our childhood, with influences from Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings and more! The designs include The Hero’s Sword, The King’s Blade, The Halfling’s Blade, the Cross-guard Starsaber, the Kingdom Key, the Runeblade of Ner’Zhul, the gunblade Revolver, the Eye of Thundara, the Royal Shield and the Blade of the Direwolf!

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