These Double-Layered D20s are Jaw-Dropping

These metal double-layered D20s by Majestic Trinkets might cost a small fortune ($80 for the brass version and $160 for the silver one,) but think of the fame and fortune they’ll bring you! As far as I’m concerned, I think I’ll stick with my good old trusty “F-Word” dice set.

This die is perfect for the most extra member of your adventuring party.

This is the regular gaming D20 in my ‘Advantage’ design family of dice. It is mathematically balanced in CAD software design to ensure that the die is centered and fair.

A ‘clean’ roll where the inner die settles with the outer die may not happen with every roll. When rolling on a flat surface, like a table or dice tray, it settles roughly 40% of the time. When rolling with a dice tower, it settles roughly 70% of the time. If it did not settle, give it a little shimmy on the surface it’s laying and it should settle.

Double-Layered D20s
F Word D20s