Hooray! Time to Print! [Comic]

[Via 9gag]

9 Responses to Hooray! Time to Print! [Comic]

  1. Man. I was a tech at my university library and this lady asked for help because a link she was trying to open wouldn't load so I came over to look and she had a few hundred, literally, open and froze the computer. So I had her restart. As soon as the computer restarted she loaded her page and went and started spamming the link again and had 30 windows open before I could stop her. I was forced to force quit all her windows and then had her load the page. I then clicked her link and it came up in 10 seconds. I wish I could punch idiots like that computer did.

  2. I volunteer at the computer center at my local library and we see this all the time. Whenever there's any kind of delay people keep clicking. Then, when that doesn't work, they come to me for help. I try to stop them and show them that the computer's working or tell them that the internet is slow, but it never works. They just don't listen *eyeroll*

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