The Avengers as a Dungeons and Dragons Party

A fantastic series of illustrations by artist Frost Llamzon mashing up the Avengers inside the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Paladin Rogers, Captain of Freemark: Lawful Good Paladin/Fighter

The assassin known only as “The Widow”: True Neutral Rogue

The Iron Artificier, Baron Antonius Stark: Chaotic Good Artificier

Thor Odinson, God of War and Thunder: Neutral Good Fighter/Sorcerer

The Hawkeyed Bandit, Clinton Francis Barton: Neutral Good Ranger

The Cursed Immortal, Ser Bruce:Lawful Neutral Alchemist
His Accursed form, The Jade Titan:Chaotic Neutral Firbolg/Bugbear hybrid

[Frost Llamzon on Deviantart]

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