Teen Uses Smart Fridge to Tweet After Getting Her Electronics Taken Away #FreeDorothy

A 15-year-old Twitter user got her phone confiscated by her mom after she “was boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames.” Since she did not have her phone anymore, she used her Nintendo 3DS to go online, and then after getting it taken away as well, she switched to her Wii U, but that did not last for very long.

Having exhausted Plans A, B, and C for tweeting, a desperate Dorothy arrived at Plan D, her masterpiece: the house’s LG smart refrigerator. “My mom uses it to google recipes for baking so I just googled Twitter,” she told me. She got off one last tweet.

She now says her mom is going to get someone to remove the fridge. Asked why her mom wouldn’t just take the fridge off the network, Dorothy said, “My mom isn’t good with tech lol.” Her mom apparently thought deleting apps would delete the entire account as well.

What a smart young lady! Even LG supports her!

[Via NYMag]

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