Control Your Everything With OmniFob, The World’s Smartest Key Fob

Keyport, the company that pioneered the universal access device with the Keyport Slide key organizer several years ago, just launched the OmniFob: a finger-sized key fob that provides quick and easy access to a user’s favorite connected functions.

OmniFob is a tiny life remote that transforms your standard keychain into a connected universal access device providing quick and easy one-handed access to your favorite smart functions.

Think of it as a mobile hot button for your smartphone… a single fob that:

  • controls your favorite smart home functions (garage door, home security, smart locks, smart lights, smart plugs, and more)
  • replaces your auto fobs,
  • serves as your secret panic button, and
  • has a built-in Bluetooth locator so that you never lose it.

ONE FOB TO RULE THEM ALL. Open the garage, unlock the door, turn on the lights, start the car, find your keys, call for help, & more!

As I’m writing this, the OmniFob crowdfunding campaign was launched just 50 minutes ago and has already raised over $22,000 on an initial funding goal of $50,000.

[OmniFob Smart Remote Fob – Home / Auto / Security / Locator]

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