Kickstart Your Data Career With The Complete MongoDB Guide

Thanks to the Complete MongoDB Guide, master one of the most popular NoSQL databases around and kickstart your data career! Just $12.99 instead of $200.

Data is changing the world around us, which is why it pays to understand the tools that guide it. Want to learn one of the most popular NoSQL databases in the world? This course will turn you into a MongoDB pro. Jump in, and you’ll get a look at how MongoDB works behind the scenes. This Course will be focused purely on MongoDB and MongoDB Shell with no external drivers or libraries. You start with MongoDB installation, then move on to working with MongoDB Shell, understanding primary MongoDB data types and more.

  • Start from the installation of MongoDB
  • Install graphical interfaces for MongoDB management
  • Learn how to work in MongoDB Shell
  • Discuss & explore the JavaScript Engine that is used in MongoDB
  • Study primary MongoDB data types, like Strings, Numbers, Arrays, Objects & Dates
  • Study in-depth MongoDB queries & query language

The Complete MongoDB Guide$200 $12.99

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