Critical Failure D20 Now Available in Gorgeous Scorched Rainbow Metal Version!

We’ve posted about these “critical failure” dice sets in the past and they were a HUGE hit! Now, the creator has cooked up his most gorgeous set yet! Behold:

Update: Also available in plenty of other colors!

The perfect 25mm metal D20 for slaying princess, saving dragons, and trying desperately to seduce your way out of trouble! Prevent table flipping and provide much needed levity after rolling your third critical failure in a row.

The set features 7 die (d20 d12 d10 d00 d8 d6 d4) and because of the technique used to scorch the metal, the die can have slight surface imperfections, but who cares considering how AMAZING they look, right?

[Critical Failure Scorched Rainbow Metal Set]

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