Arnold Schwarzenegger Wanted to Beat a Bad Guy with a Severed Arm in Commando

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently did a “Ask Me Anything” session on reddit after posting the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, and the actor posted details about an idea he had for a scene in COMMANDO. Unfortunately no one took the scene seriously back then because the whole thing was just too insane.

“As soon as a carried a thousand pound log with one arm I knew it was funny. But let me share the scenes you didn’t see that I tired to get in.

“I wanted to cut off a guys’s arm and kill him with it. This wasn’t in the script. He would throw a knife at me and after he missed, while his arm was still extended, I chop it off a the shoulder with a machete and beat him to death with it. Needless to say, I was asked by the head of the studio, Larry Gordon to come to his office. And he said ‘what the f**k is the matter with you? DO you want to make money with this movie or an x-rated movie?’

“I said ‘you’re right’ and he said ‘get the f**k out of my office.'”

Since most people know that the actor always has a one-liner for these types of scenes, someone asked him what his one-liner would have been, to which he replied: “Thanks for lending me a hand.”

[Via Reddit | GT]

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