E-PAD: The Innovative New E-Ink Android Tablet

As far as I’m concerned, nothing beats the feeling on writing on paper. Even if tablets and phone are pretty good at what they do nowaways, they still can’t compete with plain old paper for reading and handwriting.

Introducing the E-Pad, and android tablet that aims to bridge the gap by offering digital convenience with a truly paper-like experience. Not only the E-Pad has a big 10.3′ screen, it runs on Android 8.0 (with your favorite apps) and can be connected to a 4G network via a SIM card.

E-Pad makes note taking and reading a pleasure. It mimics the experience of reading and writing on paper. Jotting down notes, signing papers or making notations on documents is smooth and natural using the included stylus or simply a finger.

But E-Pad is more than just a powerful notepad and digital reader. It supports Wi-Fi and is also 4G compatible which lets you stay connected virtually anywhere. It is equipped with the advanced Android system, allowing you to download all your favorite apps. And with a 10-core processor, it has low latency and the power to run the latest apps and quickly browse image heavy news and websites.

As I’m writing this, the E-Pad has already raised over $369,000 on an initial funding goal of $10,000. Shipping is planned for August 2019.

[E-PAD: The Innovative E-Ink Android Tablet]

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