Kharbon: The Longest Lasting IPX7 Wireless Earbuds (150-Hour Battery)

The Kharbon are innovative new IPX7 waterproof wireless Earbuds that offer audiophile grade sound, noise cancellation, 150 hours of battery life thanks to its casing, and can also act as a power bank for your gadgets! They will also start shipping next month!

When cutting edge wireless technology meets cutting edge audio tech, the result is Kharbon. They sound better, last longer, and were designed by industry-leading ergonomic specialists to give you the most comfortable and reliable earbuds ever.

⚡ 1st Ever Ultra Ergonomic Earbuds
⚡ Literally Listen 24/7 with 150 Hours Battery
⚡ Doubles as a Power Bank (Charge your phone to full)
⚡ IPX7 Waterproof
⚡ Noise Cancellation + Noise Isolation
⚡ Unbreakable Bluetooth 5.0
⚡ Audiophile Grade Sound

As I’m writing this, the Kharbon earbuds have already raised over $175,000 on an initial funding goal of $10,000.

[Kharbon: The Longest Lasting IPX7 Wireless Earbuds]

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