What Does Stan Lee Captain Marvel Cameo Mean?

For those of you who have been lucky enough to go see Captain Marvel, our usual MCU Stan Lee cameo got all the internet buzzing! This time, Stan Lee was Stan Lee, and not his usual random passer-by!

For all you gen X’ers out there, you might remember a little movie called Mallrats (pictured above,) from incredible director Kevin Smith, an admitted comic book geek… In this movie, Stan Lee plays himself, bumping into Brodie in front of a lingerie store. In Captain Marvel, his cameo happens to be him, reading his lines for Mallrats and winking to Claire, somehow opening more questions towards the theory that he is actually a Watcher.

So what is to be expected in the long run? Bluntman and Chronic saving the world in Endgame 😉? Or a Star Lord, Jay and Silent Bob meet-up? (Wait, that last one actually sounds like a good idea…)

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