When You Take a Day Off [Comic]

So, has something like this ever happened to one of you, whatever the gender you may be? :)

It happened to me today. :)



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  1. This has never happened because I don't let the woman run the relationship. If she gives me a problem, I'll go get another. Life isn't about having a control freak/boss for a girlfriend.

  2. No, because my gf understands the meaning of being sucked into a video game.
    Also, if I had a girlfriend like that (in the picture), I'd probably not be with her very long. I'm not a fan of being told how and what to do what I do.

    • I think that depends on the family dynamic. I would *never* give my husband a “honey-do” list and an ultimatum. However, I know I would resent my husband for refusing any chores on a “day off”. Why? By your definition, I *never* have a day off. (We have kids.)

    • Depends on the girl. My ex was way more obsessive about gaming than I was…initially. She sucked me in to WoW (I've recovered thanks)

      • I have always wanted to find myself a girl that was a gamer but I swore to myself long ago that it will never be somebody that plays WoW. I have lived with WoW addicts in the past and I will never do that again.

  3. I had a discussion with my husband about this. I've never even overtly threatened him into doing something. I've only ever required him to do what he says. (So if he says he'll do the dishes, they are going to keep piling up until he does them.) But apparently some where along the way he took this to mean "If I ask you to do it, regardless of your response, it won't get done until you do it."

    I was flabbergasted by his response. I told him he's allowed to say "no" when I ask him to do something (just like I'm allowed to say no if he asks me). I'd much rather he be up front about not wanting to do something, then to say yes and then never get the job done. Of course if he says no all the time I'm going to sulk (but I think anyone would get pouty if their spouse always refused to help when asked).

    And, for myself, I pretty much plan on my husband being a useless lump when certain games come out (like Dragon Age 2). I'm just happy he can make it through a work day without bumping into walls while he day dreams about coming home to play his game. xD

  4. Or in my case…
    – Honey, I'm going to visit my parents for a day, here's the list of things that you have to do before I'm back. Or else, I'm never coming back!
    – Been good knowing you.

  5. No, this works more like this:  man sick, stays home, lounges around on the sofa, watches TV and whines every 10 minutes about how miserable he is.  Kid sick, stays home from school, lounges around on the sofa, watches TV and whines every 10 minutes.  I get sick, get up and do the flipping dishes.

  6. I’m so goddamn bored of this stupid stereotype. The woman bossing the guy around like a child. Are any healthy relationships actually like that? I sure as hell don’t give orders or couch ultimatums to my fella, if I want his help I ask and he does it without threat of not sleeping in our bed. If he gets sucked into a game and forgets to do something, he does it later. I play video games and lose track of time too, so I understand. He’s not an immature child I have to babysit though. And if he gave me anything remotely close to an order… let’s just say I wouldn’t be pleased, and well he knows better. I give him the same respect, of never bossing him around. 

    • I’m pretty much with you. Considering everyone has to freaking work now-a-days chances are that’s where her ass is going, and you better believe if my guy got to stay home he’s going to clean some of the house. I don’t have to threaten him to do it either, he does it because we share the responsibilities… it’s called being an adult and communicating. If she has to resort to that then she should have left him long ago. Some things are different of course… a great new game coming out for him… or for me (I’ll be a mindless blob for a good week *cough*or month*cough* after Deux Ex: HR hits the market) but there are always give and takes. 5 years and my guy has yet needed to sleep on the couch, or me for that matter. :P

  7. It only happens to guys with girlfriends, everyone else that claims they would never let their girlfriends tell them what to do are probably lonely looser who live with their mothers!  haha! 

  8. You’d think he’d have the couch already set up prior to starting his session. Then again on a day off I used to do some things around the house before starting into something I wanted to do be it Console or PC gaming, that way it avoided “discussion” later on.

  9. You guys are disgusting. Doing the dishes, shopping, and taking out the garbage are obligations you have when sharing a house with someone. I'm not whipped, but when my girlfriend asks me to do something to pitch in, I do, because that's what a contributing member of any household does. Usually I just take it upon myself to get these things done before she even asks me though.

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