Things We Used To Say [Comic]

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  1. I have to argue with the george lucas should make more star wars movies one….I think '98 was the cutoff…we wanted him to hand over control after phantom menace

    • Once upon a time I worked at a petrol (Gas) station and sold petrol (Gasoline) at 3 gallons for £1 – wish I could buy some now at that price . . .

  2. The cutoff for Lindsay Lohan was a lot closer to 2006. Nobody hunted sabre tooth for food, if they hunted them, it was to stop them from killing livestock or to capture their essence – in a magical/religious sense. Married w/kids by could easily have been 16 (Shakespeare's Juliet was 14 after all) and that 1321 date seems a bit odd and Euro-centric.

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