Robot Attack: Boys will be boys, even in the robot apocalypse [Short Film]

In 2014, 3D Artist (and self-described wanna-be filmmaker) Brian Vowles picked up an iPhone 5 SE and decided to start filming a short robot apocalypse movie featuring his two sons. Fast forward to 2018, the film is done, and Brian says he’ll be sleeping for a whole year.

On a “Lazy Sunday” back in 2012, I took my old iPhone 4 and filmed my kids running around the backyard. I gave them some basic direction with the hopes that I could cut it together into some kind of laser battle. It was filmed in about ten minutes and put together over the next couple of nights. When it was finished, they loved it and they still laugh at it to this day. “Lazy Sunday” got me thinking about the possibilities…..

Could I shoot a decent short film on an iPhone and add in a bunch of visual effects? I would’t need to buy or rent a fancy camera and already had the software I that I needed.

In early 2014, I picked up an iPhone 5s and I was shocked by the quality of the footage. All of a sudden, I had an affordable way to record HD footage and get some really nice shots. I also had an upcoming break between contracts, so it seemed that the stars were aligning. I pitched the idea of “Two boys fighting a giant robot at the end of the world” and the boys were totally into it.

Robot Attack was born…

[Brian Vowles | Via Neatorama]