10 Amazing Geeky Gifts For the Geeks in Your Life (50% OFF!)

The holiday season is upon us, and today, the Internet is chock full of awesome deals that will satisfy even the most capricious of geeks! Here is a selection of 10 awesome geeky gifts that grabbed our attention today!

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1-Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana [Special Edition, Boxed Book & Ephemera Set]$124.99 $62.50

The book approaches Dungeons and Dragons chronologically, walking readers through the various editions sequentially, while providing context on what was going on in the outside world at the time through related products. Scattered throughout the book are various two-page spreads highlighting specific pieces. For instance, there’s a great one on the evolution of the Beholder and one on the story behind the creation of Larry Elmore’s classic red box cover art.

2-Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter$19.99 $7

Boldly cut pizza where not man has cut before! A pizza cutter shaped like the Starship Enterprise? It doesn’t get much better than that for a Trekkie!

3-Solar Orbit Necklace (Original)$29.99 $9
Solar Orbit Necklace (Sterling Silver)$99.99 $30

I bought this necklace to my girlfriend last year, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! The Star Wars version is on sale too!

4-Nintendo Super Mario Boo Bean Bag Chair$139.99 $70

Straight outta the haunted mansion, these Boo Bean Bag Chairs are bravely flying in formation to our warehouse, but one’s ready to peel off and head in your direction if you so desire (provided you aren’t looking at them). Complete with plush applique fangs, this soft and cuddly Boo is ready for a long weekend of supporting your gaming adventures.

5-Pokémon Poké Ball Waffle Maker$34.99 $17.50

Pokéball pankcake maker! Need I say more?

6-Jim Henson Board Games: The Dark Crystal Board Game $39.99 $20 | Labyrinth Board Game $39.99 $20

$39.99 $20

These two games were all the rage last year, and now they’re cheaper than ever! Plus, they have beautiful figurines!

7-50% Off Geeky Mugs

Highly geeky mugs for your favorite hot beverage!

8-Spellbook Billfold$49.99 $15

This was the hottest gift and most purchased gift (at full price) we featured a few years ago, and now, you can get it for just $15 instead of $49.99.

9-Star Trek Klingon Monopoly$39.99 $20

Klingon Monopoly is a bilingual game and includes a game board featuring planets and territories in the Star Trek Universe, 6 collectible player tokens, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Combat cards (Chance), 16 Honor cards (Community Chest), 2 Dice, 32 Outposts (houses), 12 Capitals (hotels), 1 Pack of Klingon Forces (money), and full rules. Play it like traditional Monopoly (with a Klingon twist) or use the 60 minute speed play rules for a much shorter game. Qapla’!

10-Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press$39.99 $10.50

Let R2 help you navigate your mornings more successfully with this Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press. He’s happy to help a human in need. Put your grounds and boiling water in his glass body, brew for a few minutes, plunge, and he’ll serve up 32 oz. of piping hot coffee. For folks playing along at home, that’s 4 cups, so even if your motivator is so bad that the Jawas put you back on the scrap heap, he can still get you going.

-Geeky T-Shirt Sale: 1000s of TEES at Just $16 Each!

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