WOWSTICK: An Amazing 62 In 1 Pen-Shape Desktop Tool

Not only is the Wowstick a 62 in 1 multi-functional electric screwdriver, it’s also a pen-shape decorative accessory and a desktop fidget toy! It also very affordable and starts shipping in December 2018!

From the world’s leading electric screwdriver brand comes a new step forward. We’re bringing the convenience and practicality of the traditional desktop tool, and delivering it in a compact package with stylish design.


  • 56 included bits making this a truly multi-function desktop tool
  • The perfect tool to sit neatly on your desk
  • A device with a clean aesthetic that blends into everyday life
  • A desktop fidget toy
  • A perfect gift for anyone

As I’m writing this, the Wowstick has raised over $108,000 on an initial funding goal of just $20,000, with over 2,221 backers and 9 days remaining to the Kickstarter campaign. According the the product page, shipping will next month!

[WOWSTICK: A 62 In 1 Pen-shape Desktop Tool]

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