Snap The Darkness Away With This Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp

Unfortunately, this Infinity Gauntlet mood lamp will not allow you to control the universe, but what it can do is light up your desk quite nicely.

This Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Mood Lamp with light-up Infinity Stones can be battery-powered (so it’s portable) or, if you want to show off your real ultimate power constantly, for instance, on your desk, you can power it via USB. We have to admit: it’s such a convincing replica that you might even throw Thanos off for a second, which could give you the time to swipe the real thing from him. Once you obtain the ultimate power in the universe, please just remember the monkeys at ThinkGeek who sold you this cool light in the first place, okay? We don’t so much want to be blinked out of existence.

[Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Mood Lamp]

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