The Drift W1: Experience Segway’s New Age E-Skates

The Drift W1 is Segway’s newest product, a pair of lightweight, portable, and extremely unique e-Skates that offer endless fun and numerous stylish ways to ride.

Drift W1 is equipped with two detached, independent skates weighting at 7.7 pounds each. The e-skates comes with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph, a maximum payload of 220 lbs, and a torque of lower than 6 Nm to optimize the steering and riding experience. Don’t be misled by the first impression – Drift W1 is easy to learn and fun to master. Built on over 800 patents, Segway’s proven and stable self-balancing technology makes Drift W1 very easy to pick up and navigate. Step on, and you will get going effortlessly in minutes.

Here’s a riding tutorial:

[The Drift W1: Experience Segway’s New Age E-Skates]

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