Track Your Adventures With These World Travel Scratch Off Maps

If you love to travel, keeping track of everywhere you’ve been is a must! Now, thanks to this interactive scratch off world map, you can do so by simply scratching off the countries you visited!

We’ve all got some method of keeping track of the places we’ve been, even if it’s just good ol’ fallible memory. A better — nay, the best way to track your travels, however, is with the World Travel Tracker Map®. This interactive map has a gold top foil area, much like a scratch ticket, that you can scratch away whenever you visit a new country.

-Features 210 flags of the world that you can scratch before or after you visit
-State outlines of US, Australian, & Canadian states let you get more granular in tracking your travels
-Comes in gift-ready packaging
-Dimensions: 17″ x 24″

[World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Maps]