The Hexgears X-1 is the Ultimate Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

The Hexgears X-1 is a low profile multi-device mechanical keyboard (wireless or wired) that features high output RGB backlighting, and a beautifully machined aluminum case. The X-1’s portable form factor and responsive keys will impress gamers and professionals alike. It also costs under $100.

The X-1 uses a well constructed compact layout and durable, ultra-thin keys. “Choc” switches from Kaihua are rated for 70 million presses, much longer than industry standard Cherry MX switches. You’ll be able to type worry-free, as the switches will likely outlast your computer. You also won’t need to fret about dust grains disabling your keyboard.

At time of writing, the X-1 has raised over $108,000 on an initial funding goal of $35,000

[Hexgears X-1 Mechanical Keyboard]