The Most Advanced NERF Gun of All Time [Video]

The NERF Rapidstrike is already a very powerful Nerf gun on its own, but Zack Freedman modified to to take it to the next level. It might not have a 1,000-dart magazine like Adam Savage’s Nerf Rival, but feature-wise, this one is much superior!

This maxed-out Rapidstrike has custom tech straight out of a video game. Features include an ammo counter, RFID mag detection, dynamic braking, multiple fire-system modes, a smart lock, and integrated voltmeter. Of course, it also shoots really fast and hits really hard! This project will be released as open hardware. [..] I play Nerf wars in the USA’s East Coast. Maybe you’ll get to see this for yourself! The microcontroller is a Teensy 3.2. The electronic speed controller and voltmeter is a custom design on a handmade PCB.

[Zack Freedman | Via Nerdist]