Low Budget Movies That Made Millions

Making expensive, blockbuster films is an exercise in high risk versus high reward. Though most mega hit flicks have the potential to bring in big bucks, they also have the potential to lose a ton of money. So when a low-budget movie becomes a surprise hit, studio execs can rest easy. We’re talking those diamonds in the rough that were made for less than $10 million but still managed to gross loads of dough thanks to positive critical reception, awards season buzz, and innovative marketing and release tactics…

American Graffiti | 0:29
Lost in Translation | 1:30
Annabelle | 2:32
The Blair Witch Project | 3:14
Get Out | 4:13
Juno | 5:12
Little Miss Sunshine | 5:56
My Big Fat Greek Wedding | 7:09
Rocky | 7:54
Saw | 9:03
Split | 10:03
Paranormal Activity | 10:57


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