Male Superheroes Created For and By Men

Having had the “Male VS Female” superhero gendertypes and costumes discussion with the boyfriend on many occasions, the tweet below by Momo Kurumi hits the spot!

I must admit, as a woman of the geek afficionado, I do love my superheroes, but I am not attracted to them. The bulky, muscly arms with bulging veins just aren’t my thing, and many of my girlfriends tend to agree…
I do think that more and more men create a projected image of themselves as these costumed crusaders, while forgeting to ask the opposite gender if this is REALLY what we want. I mean, come one girls, Batman has a better rack than us! I don’t want that in a guy…
Give us an attainable guy, an athletic guy that can scratch his nose because his biceps will have a normal size, a guy that doesn’t look like he always dreamed of being a cloud… Keep them “Star Lord” sized;)

Oh and on a side note, boyfriend agrees with me ;) He’s even the one who found the article!

Little Miss Sunshine

[Sources: Momo Kurumi & pmastamonkmonk | Via GG]

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