Spyra One: The Next Generation of Water Guns

The Spyra One is a water gun with constant pressure that fires precise and harmless water bullets. It also has a auto-refill mechanism that makes recharging a breeze

Combining range with precision for the first time. If you’re older than five, water fighting is as much about pure range as driving is about just getting there. So Spyra One not only matches the range of the top water guns on the market. Its patent-pending valve-nozzle technology also achieves a previously unknown precision: Instead of soaking, Spyra One’s water bullets clearly hit their targets at up to 7.5 meters – that’s as far as the laws of physics allow!

As I’m writing this, the Spyra One water gun has raised over $230,000 on an initial funding goal of a little over $59,000.

[Spyra One: The Next Generation of Water Guns]

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